Lecture Recitals:

All four members of the quartet are experts in the field of performance practice, and have studied with some of the great pedagogues of historical performance,including Lucy van Dael, Andrew Manze, Michaela Comberti, Jaap ter Linden, Jenny Ward Clarke, Simon Standage, Rachel Podger, Jeanne Lamon, and Stanley Ritchie.  
All four are pedagogues, and have been involved for a decade or two in researching and teaching.  
We can offer lecture recitals, presentations, masterclasses, or workshops. we can combine musical examples with a presentation of a related subject, or offer presentations with powerpoint, depending on the subject, culminating in a complete performance of a quartet. For workshops, please get in touch to find out what we can offer


We have lectured on:

Mozart, and the music of Vienna of the late 18th Century,  
The development of the violin bow and the string quartet, (Emma is a period bowmaker and expert in early bows)  
The String Quartet:its form, history and development.  
The Secret Codes of Notation, looking at either baroque or classical style  
Ornamentation and Improvisation in Baroque Music: A How To Guide  
Playing without pain using the Feldenkrais Method and/or Alexander Technique  
In Rehearsal. An interactive workshop for young musicians to experience and take part in our rehearsal process. How can four people with opinions find and explore consensus.  
Workshops or Masterclasses for amateurs or young musicians from six to eighty-six! We can accomodate the national curriculum where appropriate  
We are always happy to develop new projects, please contact us to discuss ideas further.


Family Concerts:

Constanze Quartet can offer shorter concerts of varied repertoire, (Praetorius to Purcell, Bach and Haydn to Beethoven, Schutz to Stravinsky) to introduce a younger audience to classical music and the world of the string quartet. Programmes are tailored to a shorter attention span, and provide interaction for the new or young concert goer!